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Every day, IKOR’s Geriatric Care Managers, Registered Nurse Advocates, and Personal Needs Coordinators help clients live safely while fostering independence. Katie Caverly, owner and managing director of IKOR of Charlottesville, discusses life care management and how her firm helps area seniors age with grace and dignity on their terms.

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My name is Katie Caverly and I’m the owner and managing director of IKOR of Charlottesville. IKOR is a life care management firm. We assess plan and coordinate care across a wide swath of needs for seniors, individuals with disabilities, or anyone facing a serious health crisis.

I started IKOR after working in corporate America for a long time and hitting a point in my life where I wanted to do something more meaningful, more community-focused. I wanted to leave this town that I love a little better off.

IKOR is built on the premise that well-being isn’t random. It’s the combination of many factors. And so we manage activities on behalf of clients, medical, financial, emotional, and environmental needs. Our registered nurses are especially well equipped to serve as patient advocates, coordinating and attending doctor’s appointments, managing medicines, conducting a wide variety of health and safety screenings, and vetting local senior communities in-home health providers.

And since wellness is about more than your medical status, IKOR will assess the need for and arrange modifications to your home, pay bills, and manage mail; will serve as an independent and neutral power of attorney – and in rare cases, step in as guardian or conservator. We do everything your adult daughter might do if she lived down the street and was a registered nurse, a certified senior advisor, and a highly trained fiduciary.

As comprehensive as we are we also know that no one provider can do it all, and so we work in collaboration with other professionals in and around Charlottesville, referring our clients to attorneys, medical specialists, home care providers, senior communities, accountants, and wealth advisors, as well as working with people, they refer to IKOR. It takes a team. Our job is to know who’s who in Charlottesville. With IKOR, you don’t have to make decisions in the dark, and growing older or facing a major illness or disability, doesn’t have to be punctuated by anxiety and uncertainty. IKOR’s life care management services put a trusted advisor in your corner. It means better outcomes in the broadest sense for you and the people who care about you. It means there’s one more reason to love living in Charlottesville.

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