How We Bill for Our Services

When you or your loved one faces changed circumstances related to aging, complicated billing systems are the last thing you need to worry about. We understand, and that’s why IKOR of Charlottesville created the Clear Bill Promise. It’s our way of assuring you that you’ll never be surprised by a service charge and that you’ll understand each item that appears on your monthly bill.

IKOR’s Clear Bill Promise

IKOR of Charlottesville’s billing is simple and straightforward. Our services are billed hourly in 6-minute increments. Each line-item that appears on your invoice will have an easy-to-understand description.

There are no service minimums, and we don’t have hidden fees or monthly retainers. If you don’t use our service during a given month, you won’t receive a bill.

Starting Service with IKOR

To be the most effective advocate for you and help you age the way you want to age, your life care management team will spend the first few months getting to know you, your preferences, and your future goals. Depending on the services you’ve hired us to perform, we may also gather and organize essential life documents. We’ll collect and organize medical history and care records for clients using our geriatric care management services during the first month.

It is not uncommon for your first few bills with IKOR to be higher, as getting to know you takes time. We often say that we’re a surrogate son or daughter, but unlike your actual children, we don’t know everything about you, so it takes us time to get caught up.

Monthly Services

You will receive an invoice for the previous month’s services at the beginning of each month. We bill for our time in 6-minute increments. The time you are billed is listed on the invoice, along with a clear description of what we did during that time.

There are no service minimums, no retainers, and no monthly fees. If you don’t use our service, you don’t receive a bill. That’s the IKOR Clear Bill Promise.

Working with Elder Care Professionals

We develop a life care management plan for each client based on their needs, preferences, goals, and dreams. Occasionally, we’ll require outside help to fulfill the plan. An outside professional could be a financial planner, an in-home care agency, an elder law attorney, or another elder care professional. Before we engage an outside professional, we’ll present you with several options and make sure you understand how these businesses bill for their services.

Once you’ve selected a professional, you’ll pay them for their services directly. At your request, we can liaison with them to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Your well-being is our top priority. To ensure that there is never a conflict of interest, or even the perception of one, we never accept referral or finders’ fees from the professionals we recommend.

Ensuring a Safe Place to Age

Whether you are choosing to age in place or looking for that dream retirement community, IKOR of Charlottesville’s life care management team will help ensure your safety wherever you decide to call home.

When we help a client age in place, we typically start with a home assessment. During the assessment, your Registered Nurse Advocate will look for items that can commonly cause trips or falls. They will also help you plan for your future needs. For example, knobs on faucets and doors can be harder to turn as we age, so it might make sense to change those fixtures to levers. Replacing light bulbs with high-output, energy-efficient LEDs can make it easier to see in places such as the kitchen, bathroom, and workspace.

Occasionally, more in-depth home modifications or repairs are needed. In these instances, we’ll recommend contractors who have the right skills to make the required modifications, such as constructing a ramp, installing a chair lift, or widening doorways.

When we recommend these outside professionals, we’ll give you several options to choose from. We will provide quality assurance and liaison with them to ensure they’re doing quality work that meets your expectations. You’ll pay these professionals directly for their services, and we will get bids to ensure you’re paying a fair price for the work.

A Partner to Help You Age Independently and Safely

No matter where you are on life’s journey, IKOR of Charlottesville is here to foster independence and help ensure your well-being. From patient advocacy to geriatric care management to concierge service, your life care management team is ready to help age the way you want to. Give us a call at (434) 202-8887 or contact us to find out more.